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MUMBAI: On the day the model code of conduct was declared, Mahrashtra government issued as many as 128 government resolutions including endowments from the Chief Minister’s relief fund, selection of cooperative mills for financial assistance and the disbursement of funds.
It also held its third cabinet meeting in the week, just a few hours before the code of conduct came into force.The cabinet declared a slew of decisions to reach out to deprived sections including farmers, weavers, labourers and artistes. Once the model code of conduct is enforced, the government cannot make announcements on new schemes or provide financial grants in order to prevent ruling parties from gaining an electoral advantage.
Among the decisions was a budgetary outlay of Rs 4,000 crore for cotton and soyabean farmers along the lines of the

bhavantar yojana

, where the state compensates farmers if they are faced with the low price of produce in the market.
The state cabinet also decided to totally eradicate manual scavenging in sewers. It will use robots to clean manholes and move from the “manhole to machine-hole” system. While manual scavenging is banned in India, lower castes dominate the profession of safai karmacharis who clean manholes. They face the danger of inhaling toxic gases that emerge from sewers.
The cabinet also allowed filming free of cost in government and semi-government institutions and decided to provide an additional share capital of Rs 50 crore to the Punyashlok Ahilyadevi corporation for sheep and goats. The cabinet also declared a sum of Rs 50 crore for the gazetted officers welfare centre and share capital worth Rs 50 crore to a corporation for the state’s weavers.
Referring to the government’s draft notification allowing Marathas with Kunbi (OBC) lineage to be eligible for Kunbi caste certificates, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said, “We have examined around 8.7 lakh lakh suggestions and objections to this. We still need to examine 4 lakh more suggestions and objections. In the next four months, we will finalize this issue.”
“Our government has had 50-60 cabinet meetings since we took over. The bulk of our decisions have been for the welfare of the common man,” said Shinde.

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