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Aircraft glitch holds up 170 flyers in Mumbai for two days
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MUMBAI: For over 48 hours now, 170 passengers booked on an Air Arystan flight to Almaty have been stranded in Mumbai after their Thursday flight was cancelled at the last moment due to a technical problem with the aircraft. Among the passengers onboard are tourists booked on group holidays and medical students who stand to miss lectures.
The flight KC-7858 was scheduled for a 2.50 pm departure. Passengers boarded and the aircraft pushed back to commence taxiing for departure when the pilots decided to postpone the flight. “For two hours they kept us waiting inside. The afternoon heat was unbearable, the air conditioning was poor. We couldn’t even get drinking water. Later they gave us an option of buying water bottles, provided we paid with a credit card or… the Kazakhstan currency,” said Dr Tasneem Sakerwala, a passenger.
The passengers later went through immigration process again to cancel their immigration. The airline accommodated them in a hotel in Andheri.
An Air Arystan official said that the A320 aircraft is grounded for want of spare parts. The airline has now sent another aircraft to fly the stranded passengers to Almaty, he said, adding that the airline has provided meals to all passengers.

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