BMC conducts brainstorming session on environment protection and improvement in Mumbai | Mumbai News – Times of India | IIT EXPERT

The BMC convened a brainstorming session on environment protection and improvement in Mumbai, which saw participation from about 30 NGOs. The session, which was conducted on March 14, emphasized the urgent need for collective action in environment protection and improvement, besides, consolidation of efforts to effectively address environmental challenges.
The objectives of the session were to facilitate proactive engagement in environmental stewardship by identifying stakeholders and their potential roles, as well as determining actionable steps for environmental protection and improvement.
During the session, each NGO presented an overview of their organization’s environmental mandate, capacity and resources for environmental initiatives, activities for environmental protection including BCC and IEC activities, and proposed collaborative action plans with BMC and other stakeholders.
Additional Municipal Commissioner (City) and DMC (Environment) emphasized the importance of BCC and IEC initiatives to drive necessary changes and stated that behaviour change from the general population is crucial for achieving sustainable environmental outcomes.
The NGOs unanimously requested to organize quarterly review sessions to facilitate continuous improvement in environment protection efforts. This initiative underscores BMC’s commitment to fostering collaboration for sustainable environmental outcomes

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