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NEW DELHI: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has announced the public disclosure of scores and other details of non-qualified candidates who appeared for the Combined Defence Services Examination – (I), 2023. This move aligns with the Government of India’s decision to provide a transparent database to potential employers, facilitating the identification of skilled candidates.
The UPSC’s Disclosure Scheme, implemented through its website, offers scores and additional information of non-qualified candidates who participated in the final stage of the examination, including the SSB Interview.The Final Results for the IMA, INA, and AFA courses were declared on 27th October 2023, while those for the OTA (Men & Women) course were announced on 24th January 2024.
Candidates who opted for disclosure under this scheme will have their scores displayed in the PDF (Scores out of total 600 Marks) for IMA, INA, & AFA, and (Scores out of total 400 Marks) for OTA candidates. It’s important to note that this information will remain accessible for one year from the disclosure date.
However, the UPSC has issued a disclaimer regarding the usage of this information by other private or public organizations. While the Commission shares the details of non-qualified candidates, it absolves itself of any responsibility for how this data is utilised by external entities.
Direct link to download the UPSC CDS Exam 1 scores for non-qualified candidates
This move by the UPSC reflects a commitment to transparency and accountability in the recruitment process. By providing access to candidate scores and details, the Commission aims to foster a fair and merit-based selection process. Moreover, this initiative empowers other employers to identify potentially skilled candidates for various roles.
Candidates who participated in the Combined Defence Services Examination – (I), 2023 can now access their scores and details through the UPSC’s website. This initiative not only benefits candidates by providing them with valuable feedback but also serves as a valuable resource for organizations seeking competent and qualified individuals.
The UPSC’s commitment to transparency and accountability sets a precedent for other examination bodies, reinforcing the importance of openness in the recruitment process. As the scores of non-qualified candidates are made public, it encourages a culture of continuous improvement and learning among aspirants.
To access their Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS) – I scores, non-qualified candidates can visit the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) website. They should navigate to the “Public Disclosure” section and locate the relevant link for CDS Exam 1 scores. Following this, candidates can download their scores from the provided link.

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