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NEW DELHI: In a significant development for students across India, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the revised Indian School Certificate (ISC) syllabus for the academic years 2025 and 2026.

Revised Syllabus for Class 12

Under the newly announced syllabus, several changes have been introduced aimed at enhancing the educational framework and aligning it with evolving academic standards.Notably, a range of vocational subjects will be integrated into the ICSE level curriculum under Group 3, starting from the academic year 2025 onwards.
This move by the CISCE is expected to offer students a broader spectrum of educational opportunities, allowing them to explore practical skills alongside traditional academic subjects. The inclusion of vocational subjects reflects a recognition of the diverse talents and career aspirations among students.

Revised Syllabus for Class 11

In addition to releasing the ISC Class 12 syllabus, the Class 11 curriculum for the academic year 2024 has been made available on the official website of the board at

ISC Class 12 Exams 2024

The ICSE Class 12 board exams 2024 were conducted from February 12 to April 3. However, the psychology paper faced a delay as the question paper packet was lost at one of the examination centers. Consequently, the psychology exam was rescheduled and successfully conducted on April 4. Earlier in the examination schedule, the Class 12 chemistry exam was also rescheduled to March 21 citing “unavoidable circumstances.”

Vocational Subjects

The vocational subjects within ISC’s Group 3 comprise a diverse array of career paths including Assistant Beauty Therapist (59), Assistant Hair Stylist (61), Basic Data Entry Operator (67), Dietetic Aide (71), Cashier (74), Early Years Physical Activity Facilitator (75), and Auto Service Technician (96). In addition to this, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will also be covered under vocational subjects.

CISCE Class 11, 12 Revised Syllabus 2024-25

S.No. Class XII ISC Year 2025 Examination Class XI ISC Academic Year 2024-25
1 Physics Chemistry
2 Chemistry Biology
3 Biology Mathematics
4 Mathematics History
5 Commerce The syllabus and its scope, of the remaining subjects, remains unchanged.
6 Accounts
7 History
8 Geography
9 Political Science
10 Sociology
11 Psychology
12 Legal Studies
The syllabus and its scope of’ the remaining subjects for the ISC Year 2025 Examination, remains the same.

ISC Class XII Revised Syllabus 2025
Class XI – ISC Academic Year 2024-25
For further information and details related to CISCE ISC revised syllabus 2025-26, students can refer to the official website of the board.

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