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IIRF Architecture Colleges Ranking 2024: The Indian Institutional Ranking Framework has released the IIRF Ranking 2024 for top architecture colleges in India including government and private institutions. This list recognises institutions that excel in academic excellence, faculty expertise, and fostering the next generation of architectural talent.From the halls of IITs to renowned schools of planning, explore these top contenders and find the perfect institute to launch your exciting journey in the world of architecture.
The IIRF ranking is based on a number of factors, including academic reputation, faculty quality, student intake, placements, and research output. It is important to note that there are many other good government architecture colleges in India, and the best college for you will depend on your individual preferences and priorities.
Career in Architecture
A career in architecture involves exploring creativity, design, and innovation in an exciting way. Architects are the visionaries who transform concepts into tangible structures that shape the world around us. Beyond simply constructing buildings, architects possess the unique ability to blend artistry with functionality, considering factors such as sustainability, cultural context, and user experience. This multifaceted profession demands a diverse skill set, encompassing everything from technical proficiency in drafting and modeling software to effective communication and collaboration with clients, engineers, and construction teams.
Here are top 10 colleges in India (government) that students can consider to pursue a career in architecture;

All India Rank Name City State
1 IIT- Kharagpur- Department of Architecture, IIT- Kharagpur Kharagpur West Bengal
2 Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT – Roorkee Roorkee Uttarakhand
3 School of Planning And Architecture Delhi Delhi
4 CET-Department of Architecture, College of Engineering – Trivandrum Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
5 CCA-Chandigarh College of Architecture Chandigarh Punjab
6 NIT-Calicut-Department of Architecture and Planning, NIT – Calicut Calicut Kerala
7 NIT-Trichy-Department of Architecture, NIT – Trichy Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu
8 School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
9 NIT-Hamirpur-Department of Architecture, NIT – Hamirpur Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
10 Department of Architecture & Planning Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur Maharashtra

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an architecture college:
Location: Do you want to study in a big city or a smaller town?
Specialisation: Do you want to specialise in a particular area of architecture, such as sustainable design or historic preservation?
Cost: How much can you afford to pay for tuition and fees?
Admission requirements: What are the admission requirements for the colleges you are interested in?

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