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IIT Bhilai Researchers Develop 'Smart Material' for Controlled Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment

RAIPUR: Indian Institute Technology (IIT) Bhilai researchers, under Dr Sanjib Banerjee’s guidance, create a ‘smart material‘ for controlled delivery of anti-cancer drugs, aiming to enhance treatment efficacy, reduce side effects, and promote early cancer detection.
This innovative material is produced through a straightforward and cost-efficient “industry friendly” process.It allows for the controlled release of anti-cancer drugs. The invention led to a patent being granted to Dr. Sanjib Banerjee, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Bhilai, and his team by the Government of India’s patent authority on May 30, 2024, as mentioned by an IIT Raipur spokesperson. The other members of the team include Subrata Dolui and Bhanendra Sahu.
Controlled delivery of anti-cancer drugs significantly enhances treatment efficacy, targets treatments more precisely, and reduces side effects, leading to better patient outcomes. Achieving such controlled delivery necessitates the design of intelligent drug delivery vehicles. These vehicles are crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs while minimizing side effects. However, the existing drug delivery vehicles often face challenges in translating these technologies into biomedical applications due to issues such as limited payload capacity, high costs, and lack of target specificity, according to the IIT Raipur spokesperson.
As per data from the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer ranks as the second leading cause of death worldwide. In 2018, it was responsible for approximately 9.6 million fatalities, equating to nearly one in every six deaths. Globally, the impact of cancer continues to rise, causing significant physical, psychological, and financial strain on individuals, families, communities, and health systems. Cancer occurs when cells in the body grow and multiply uncontrollably, disrupting normal cellular processes. Early detection and treatment of cancer are crucial, as various treatment options are available to help manage or even cure the disease.
With such advancements being developed, there is hope that the burden of cancer can be mitigated, providing some relief from the physical and emotional challenges faced by millions globally.

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