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Despite its prestigious status, IIT Bombay encounters a setback as 36% of its recent graduates are unable to secure placements. This situation highlights the challenges present in the job market and raises concerns regarding unemployment rates among graduates.
It’s widely acknowledged that the current job market is experiencing significant challenges.In recent months, leading global companies have undergone mass layoffs and enforced hiring freezes, along with implementing various cost-cutting measures. This indicates a tough period for job seekers amidst economic uncertainties and corporate restructuring.
Amidst the usual buzz surrounding “100% placement” headlines at IITs and IIMs, the latest batch at IIT Bombay has encountered a notable setback. According to a report, the revelation that a staggering 36% of IIT Bombay students failed to secure placements has sparked growing concerns about unemployment trends in India. This unexpected outcome underscores the challenges faced by graduates amidst evolving job market dynamics.
The recent report revealing that 36% of IIT Bombay graduates failed to secure placements sparked diverse reactions from users across social media platforms. @DesiMemesTweets humorously highlighted the relief felt by those who didn’t clear the IIT JEE, including the poster, suggesting that parents’ expectations might be eased. Megatron, on the other hand, critiqued the overreliance on the IIT tag over individual skills, emphasizing the need for personal effort and addressing outdated curriculum concerns. @memespur_ expressed a sense of relief amidst the discussion. Additionally, Reetesh Pal’s comment humorously suggested entrepreneurial alternatives for those who missed out on IIT placements. These varied responses reflect the nuanced perspectives and humor prevalent among social media users regarding the challenging realities of the job market and educational aspirations.
Indian Memes and Tweets shared that people who didn’t clear IIT JEE, including the poster, were smiling in the corner and thinking that their parents won’t say anything now.
“Here’s an interesting perspective from @DesiMemesTweets: ‘people who didn’t clear IIT JEE (incl me) smiling in the corner & thinking: papa ab kuch nahi bolenge.'”

Megatron expressed the viewpoint that students tend to prioritize the prestige of their IIT affiliation over their individual skills. According to him, diligent effort and independent work could have led to placement success. He also highlighted concerns about the outdated curriculum impacting the value of an IIT education.
Megatron (@minatouzum86932) remarked, “unko skills lene se jyada apne iit ke tag ke thappe pe depend rhete h, Agar wo apni taraf se mehanat karlete toh placement hojata. Plus bc ye abhi tak saalo purana course chalane lag rahe, isse iit ke value mitti me mil jaar rahi h.”

Another X user @memespur_ expressed relief, stating that he was now relaxed.

Reetesh Pal suggested that someone who couldn’t get placement at IIT Bombay would have to open a pakoda shop.
Referring to the report on IIT placements, Reetesh Pal @PalsSkit wrote on X, “Pakaude ki dukan kholna padega.”

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