Maharashtra working on Dighe principles to encourage trade, biz in maha: CM Eknath Shinde | Mumbai News – Times of India | IIT EXPERT

THANE: Maharashtra is working on the principles laid down by late Shiv Sena leader Anand Dighe and is fast turning into a trader and business-friendly state, chief minister Eknath Shinde said late Saturday in Thane.
Shinde was speaking at the Rajasthan Divas event organised by native traders and businessmen where he drew a comparison to the situation during the previous (MVA) govt and reminded how the slew of restrictions under the name of Covid had adversely affected business and trade in the state.
“­Our govt came to power and reinstated normalcy and lifted unnecessary restrictions and got stalled projects on their feet…,” he said while congratulating the traders who contributed to the progress of the state ever since they settled and expanded their business here in Maharashtra- the land of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
“Any business or industry cannot flourish unless the govt assures them ease of business including ensuring peace and security. Dighe saheb always supported trade and business and said the progress of any city is measured in how fast it encourages trade to flourish. We are now taking forward his teaching and replicating it across Maharashtra and will make it an industry friendly state,” he said, encouraging the assembled trader community to reach out to him for any business-related solutions.
He reminded the community about how the state is already leading in foreign direct investment and has attracted business worth Rs 3.73lakh cr during our Davos visit this year since his govt took over. Last year around MoU collectively worth Rs 1.8 lakh cr were signed and execution of around 80% done till date, Shinde said.
Shinde said the traders have the maximum contribution towards making India become the third largest world economy under the leadership of prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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