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The international education landscape is experiencing significant shifts due to new policies being introduced. This is impacting student demand in the UK, Canada, and Australia. According to a report from ICEF Monitor, an online tool for market research and insights on international education, there has been a decline of interest for Canada and Australia, particularly among students from India.The ICEF report is based on the latest research conducted by the International Development Programme (IDP), titled The Voice of the International Student. This IDP survey reveals that the new restrictive policies regarding international students in the UK, Canada, and Australia are having a significant impact on student demands for studying in these countries.
The IDP research, conducted by IDP in January 2024 across 67 countries with 2,500 student participants, shows that many students are now reconsidering their decision to study in the UK, Canada, and Australia. On the other hand, the United States has an uptrend and is seen to be gaining more popularity among students.
Further, the IDP survey found that nearly half of the students surveyed (49%) are now uncertain or reconsidering their decision to study in the UK. A significant portion of students also expressed hesitancy about studying in Australia (47%) and Canada (43%).
According to the ICEF Monitor report, in these three countries, the new international education rules are consistent with the governments’ efforts to better manage immigration. In Canada and Australia, they aim to stop dishonest schools and agents while also improving the quality of education for international students.
Another report by Studyportals, a well-known online platform that allows students to access a variety of academic resources and information on international programmes, indicates that prospective student demand for Canada is decreasing dramatically, while student interest towards the US has increased significantly in 2023.
Studyportals also released data which shows a 40% decrease in demand from India between February 2023 and January 2024. The diplomatic rift between Canada and India last year caused visa processing delays, but there are other reasons why Canada has lost some allure in India.
Until the end of 2023, Canada and Australia were encouraging more international students to study in their universities. In the UK, the government’s support for higher numbers of international students changed around mid-2023. They announced that from January 2024, most international students wouldn’t be allowed to bring their family members with them to the UK.
The IDP research mentioned earlier also indicated that the US is the most attractive destination for students who are reconsidering their decision to study in the UK, Australia, or Canada.
Italy has also experienced a significant increase in popularity among international students, as per the ICEF Monitor report.

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