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NEW DELHI: A video by an American vlogger, exploring India, has sparked a debate on social media. The vlogger, Tara Katims, shared a video showing different sides of the country while visiting landmarks, markets, hotels, and slums.
Social media users have accused her of showing India in a bad light.
The vlogger travelled to Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, and Kerala.
The video begins with Tara warning about the dangers and pollution in Delhi. Then she shares her expirience of visiting the Taj Mahal. She also advises wearing white shoes, saying tuk-tuks (auto-rikshaws) could easily run over them.

Later in the video, she talks about a slum tour in Mumbai, saying it was her favorite because the hosts were ‘respectful’. The video ends with her visit to Kerala, which she describes as ‘truly magical’.
As soon as the video went viral, many users criticised the vlogger for her ‘slum tour’. One user said, “Why their obsession with poverty in India? (sic).”
Another remarked, “Really, that’s all you have to showcase about India? Yes, there’s an overload of everything, culture, growth, garbage. You find extremes everywhere, extremely developed cities and extreme mismanagement as well. But you know there are two sides of the coin for this developing and growing nation (sic).
One user also expressed, “But there’s no fun culture, no racism like in other countries. We are happy with slums and kind-hearted people(sic).
“There are many slum tours that take you inside Dharavi and show you their micro-industries: leather products, plastic recycling, textiles,” another user pointed out. “God I’m so fed up with white people’s obsession to show poverty in India, (sic)” another wrote.
Nonetheless, some users also supported her viewpoint of India. One user remarked, “I reside in India and your observation is spot on. Our infrastructure is severely lacking; they repeatedly dig up the same road for pipeline work. (sic)”
Tara reportedly visited India last year.

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