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NEW DELHI: The learning outcomes of students from classes 3 to 10 in all subjects in Delhi schools hovered between 30 to 50 per cent in 2021, even as the performance was above the national average for many classes, according to the city’s Economic Survey. Finance minister Atishi presented the Economic Survey in the Delhi Assembly on Friday
According to the 2023-24 Economic Survey of Delhi, the proficiency of students in the capital was the highest in English ranging between 52 to 58 per cent while it was the lowest in Mathematics between 35 to 47 per cent across classes.
The pass percentage of students at senior and senior secondary levels has dropped in Delhi government schools since 2021.
The survey also showed a downward trend in the intake capacity of technical and professional courses in the state-run colleges and universities in the city in 2023-24 when compared to last year.
The total intake capacity in such courses has marginally declined from 20,069 in 2022-23 to 19,293 in 2023-24, the data shows.
As per the data, in several of these colleges and universities the intake of students has not increased and the number of such institutes have remained static since 2021-22.
There are a total of 18,214 students enrolled in the technical institutes run by the state government while the city has a total of 48 per cent higher educational institutions that come under the category of professional educational institutions, it showed.
Meanwhile, the number of startups have increased in the city to 274 till November 2023 from 156 in the corresponding period in 2022, as per the data.
Nearly 100 per cent of government schools in the city are equipped with facilities like playgrounds, toilets, drinking water, electricity and computer facilities, the survey states.
The Delhi government was top among the states with highest budgetary allocation at nearly 21 per cent for the education sector in 2023-24, the data showed.
The survey quoted figures from the State Budget Analysis Report of RBI, UDISE 2021-22, National Achievement Survey 2021, Directorate of Education, and Directorate of Technical Education.

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