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No other profession is fulfilling, satisfying as teaching: Prof. V. Kamakoti
Students watch, observe you, be their role models: Dr. Sekar Viswanathan


The recipients of the Times Edu Ex Awards

CHENNAI, 26.03.24:
When it comes to a satisfying, and fulfilling profession, the noble cause of teaching is second to none, Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, said, while honouring outstanding teachers at the VIT Chennai – Times Edu Ex Awards ceremony.
Speaking at the sprawling campus of VIT Chennai in the city’s outskirts, Prof.Kamakoti said teachers of kindergarten and primary sections had the most daunting task as they had to teach languages, science, mathematics and other subjects to young children. “Teaching computer science to engineering students is easier,” he quipped as the audience went into raptures.


Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, Indian Institute of Technology – Madras

“If we fail to provide good and proper education to children, it will result in a national academic emergency,” he warned. With India having the highest population of people in the age group between 15 and 30, the top priority should be to provide the best quality of education to youth, the IIT-M Director said.
Speaking in length about the importance of higher education and how imperative it was to increase Gross Enrolment Ration (GER – access to higher education) in India, he said while Tamil Nadu stood on top with 50 %, the national average was a meagre 27 %. “To think that 73 children of those who complete higher secondary do not take up higher education is indeed sad,” Prof. Kamakoti said.
Lauding VIT Chennai and Times of India for coming together for this innovative event, Prof. Kamakoti appealed to the teachers to continue to work towards sustaining interest among students in mathematics, science, languages and improving communication skills. Prof. Kamakoti also handed over prizes to the 30 winners in different categories – grade, subject, and years of experience.


Dr. Sekar Viswanathan, Vice President, VIT

“You are the role model for students. They watch you closely and you must lead by example. If the teachers are good, the society will elevate itself,” said Dr. Sekar Viswanathan, Vice President, VIT. He said Founder and Chancellor of VIT, Dr. G. Viswanathan, had devoted his entire life to the noble cause of education and the institution offered financial assistance to students to encourage students, especially from villages to seek higher education. Every year, they provided free education to a girl and boy government school student topper from every district of Tamil Nadu at VIT, including complete waiver of tuition fee, in addition to free food and accommodation. Through another initiative STARS – Support the Advancement of Rural Students, they provided financial assistance to meritorious students in villages who had secured marks in their higher secondary, but unable to pursue higher education due to poor economic background. Their contribution to the cause of education, especially access to higher education for the poor would continue, Dr. Viswanathan added.
Mr. Arun Ram, Resident Editor, Times of India, Chennai, said students might not remember what was taught to them by teachers in their school, but they would definitely remember the way it was taught, whether it was stories of resilience, experiences, and achievements. Teachers, he said, should encourage students to question and dissent.
Mr. Manikantan Nair, Associate Vice President, BCCL, thanked teachers for the overwhelming response, Prof. Kamakoti for his insights and Dr. Viswanathan for coming up with the idea of celebrating teachers. Teachers like the winners and finalists assembled here were shaping the future of ‘Young India.’
Over 1,000 teachers had applied and based on various parameters, 90 teachers were shortlisted and 30 winners selected on their educational qualification, innovative pedagogy, helping students during COVID-19 lockdown, science expos, contribution to school infrastructure, field visits, and previous awards among many more. The categories were: teachers with 5 to 15 years experience; teachers with 15 to 25 years; and those with more than 25 years of teaching experience.


Reacting to the award, teachers said this would motivate teachers further, while thanking VIT Chennai and Times of India for this unique idea of acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of teachers of shaping a better society and building a stronger India. “It is a pleasure to receive this award and with such recognition, comes greater responsibility. This will motivate every teacher who has received this award, said Ms. Ramya Uday, Principal, Vel’s Vidyashram, Thalambur.
Ms. K.A. Sumathi, Vice Principal, P.S. Sivasamy Kalalaya, Higher Secondary School said the entire selection process and the methodology adopted was genuine and transparent, while lauding the efforts taken by the two organisations for conducting this event on a grand scale.
The profession had become very challenging today and teachers were working tirelessly to meet the requirements of the current age and honouring the unsung heroes of the society through such events would boost the morale of teachers, said Mr. S. Dhilip, Government Higher Secondary School, Sathyamangalam, Villupuram.
According to Ms. S. Malathi, Government Higher Secondary School, Veerakeralampudur, Tenkasi District, (National Awardee): “This is a beautiful gesture from both VIT Chennai and Times of India. Such recognitions are truly deserving, and I am happy that we are being appreciated and acknowledge. I would like to congratulate my fellow awardees and finalists who have come from all over Tamil Nadu.” A teacher at Kikani, Vidya Mandir, Coimbatore for 25 years, Ms. Premalatha Yogeswari said everyone, especially the awardees and finalists were overjoyed for being recognised for their service to build the next generation of students.

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