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Unipune Exam Form: Students at Savitribai Phule Pune University can now conveniently fill out their exam forms online using their student profile. Once completed, students are required to submit the online application printout along with the necessary fees to their respective colleges. The college will then process the exam form/application number in the traditional manner, as done before the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Common issues encountered by students and their resolutions:
• Invalid Username and Password: Students may have mismatched their username and password; they can reset their password after updating their mobile number or email ID from the college login.
• Error ‘Invalid PRN…’: Students should ensure that their PRN and eligibility number are updated in their student profile system and verify if the exam form has started.
• Updating PRN Number and Eligibility Number: Students can delete their profile, click on ‘New Course Enrollment,’ select ‘Existing’ as the student type, and update their PRN and eligibility number.
• Backlog Subjects Not Visible: Students should check their updated results in the college ledger.
• Error ‘Exam Form Date is Over…!’: Verify the exam form date.
• Subjects Not Showing: Check the syllabus and contact the college.
• Updating Information: Delete the exam form through college login to update information.
• Correcting Wrong Puncode: Contact the wrong puncode college to delete the exam form or email the exam support with incorrect exam form application number.
• Completion of One Course and Admission to Another: Contact the old or new college with the last year’s marksheet to complete the old course, after which a new profile can be created.

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