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Having embarked on its journey in 2008,The Venkateshwar Global School, Rohini, stands tall today, recognized for its formidable reputation in the field of education. With an aesthetically designed majestic building, temperature-controlled classrooms and tranquil, child friendly environment, VGS is a welcoming threshold for tender minds; a place abuzz with happy sounds where young minds are nurtured and shaped to become productive global citizens with distinct personalities, well grounded in humanitarian values.


1) Meaningful curriculum relating to the real-life context.
Dr.Namita Singhal, the school principal ,strongly believes that educational system must be dynamic and thus ensures imbibing new age ideas and pedagogies in the delivery of the carefully designed school curriculum.Students being at the core, she ensures to equip them with the required mindset and skills, ensuring that they connect well to the real world. The school’s unique ‘learner centric approach’ focuses on engaging learners in critical thinking and problem-solving activities for deeper learning. The focus is on raising their self esteem and confidence with a robust character .


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2) Internationalization of pedagogies and practices.
The international dimension is skillfully intertwined with the curriculum. The teachers are trained to weave in elements of globally recognized and successful practices, materials, and assessment norms. The recommendations made in NPE 2020 are thoughtfully and strategically embedded in the curriculum to be able to successfully realize them through the various initiatives. The learners engage in collaborative work with its international partner schools. As part of its global outreach initiative, the school conducts ‘Exchange Programmes’ with countries in Europe, Asia and Canada; hosts international delegations and organizes regular international educational visits. Subjects like ‘Global Perspective’ prepare all learners to understand and adapt to the diversity at the international platform, and help them emerge as empathetic, sensitized, and mindful individuals.

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3)Efficient integration of technology
The latest technological tools are deftly integrated into the pedagogy. Most teachers are certified MIEE/MCE experts who are savvy to align technology with the pedagogical processes. They effortlessly bring Augmented Reality to the classroom, using Microsoft applications like Wakelet, Flipgird, Sway, OneDrive, Minecraft etc. LED boards, e-books and integration of AI tools enhance the entire learning experience.
4) Development of researching skills and maker’s mindset
The learners get mentorship to work on their innovative project ideas and present them on reputed platforms. In the process, the learners get the opportunity to develop researching skills, wherein they learn ways of understanding a problem objectively. They learn to collect information relating to their projects and interpret it in a systematic manner to make assessments and conclusions. Atal Tinkering Lab, Robotics Lab, 3D Printing Lab, Coding and Artificial Intelligence Courses, field trips, virtual tours, ‘Mindroid’ the Science magazine, etc. add up to creating an environment nurturing ‘maker’s mindset’ of learners.

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5) Development of entrepreneurial mindset and career building skills
Entrepreneurial mindset and essential career building skills are inculcated through the school’s Eco Entrepreneurial Biz Club. The Eco Entrepreneurial Biz Club of the school is making waves with its eco-conscious entrepreneurial endeavors. The young innovators of the school are turning wastepaper into useful products, from bookmarks to eco-friendly envelopes, championing sustainability. They are not just reducing waste; they are supporting local artisans by selling handmade useful items. They are proving that businesses can drive positive change while promoting environmental consciousness. Beyond environmental awareness, these initiatives are honing vital skills such as marketing, budgeting, financial planning, communication, collaboration, teamwork, and SWOT analysis among club members. The school participated in the School Enterprise Challenge’s ‘Teach a Man to Fish’ event, a program in which schools from numerous countries participate and get awarded for their entrepreneurial astuteness. The students of VGS’ Eco Entrepreneurial Biz have been consistently achieving the GOLD LEVEL, the highest recognition and receiving several badges – Survey Hero Badge, Eureka Badge, Master Planner Badge, and Super Sales Badge.
6) Focus on holistic development
­Dynamic sports curriculum and customized training programmes provide ample opportunities to students to develop sporting aptitudes in various indoor and outdoor games. A plethora of Cultural, Literary, Art and Social activities and initiatives not only fulfill the aesthetic and creative urge of the students, but also promote a positive self-confidence and a sense of achievement through participation and stage exposure. Life skills education and conflict management are integrated with all scholastic and co-scholastic activities organized in the school to prepare individuals with a strong EQ, capable of contributing positively to society.

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7. Progressive vision
Dr. Rajiv Solanki, Chairman, Venkateshwar Global School, Delhi and Director, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Delhi, Venkateshwar Signature School, Raipur, and Venkateshwar World School, Pune; the four remarkable institutions progressing from strength to strength under the aegis of The Venkateshwar Group of Schools; is an educationist par excellence. He is always keen to provide the best of resources and infrastructure to facilitate the school’s functioning and processes. In his words, “I envisage my school to be an institution equipped with honing the 3 H’s… Head, Heart, and Hand; an institution, which is flexible to the ever-changing learning needs of our students; where the learners develop into confident, skilled, and self-sustaining individuals. I stand committed to providing excellence, innovation, and diversity in the field of education…”

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